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Exercise is important. We can take our dogs for walks outside, but when we can’t go out due to weather or time constraints, we have to stay at home.However, if dogs can’t expend their energy outside, not only might they become overly energetic and cause destruction, but they could also suffer from physical and mental health issues due to lack of exercise.

Tug-of-war competition

Dogs almost always enjoy tug-of-war. You can choose tug toys available in the market suitable for dogs of different sizes, or even use tough old towels or clothes. One end is held by us, and the other end is bitten by the dog. Gently tugging or simulating a playful struggle will make the dog more enthusiastic and involved.

You throw the toy, and It’ll fetch it

The simplest game of fetch can also provide effective exercise for your dog!Toys with sound, especially balls, are most suitable because the noise stimulates the dog’s desire to chase. Additionally, ball-shaped toys can roll around, adding to the fun of the activity!Of course, it’s best to throw the toys low to the ground and have them roll on the ground. Damaging furniture or causing the dog to jump too high and hit obstacles could lead to a tragedy.

Play hide and seek

Owners can hide throughout the house and call the dog’s name to find them. Dogs will get excited searching and moving around.Remember to give a small treat as a reward when they find you. This way, the dog will quickly grasp the essence of the game!

Puzzle toys

You can make simple DIY puzzle toys for your dog to play with, which not only help them expend energy but also exercise their minds.It can also improve issues of gobbling down food, making at-home feeding better and nurturing a well-mannered dog.

DIY Treat Dispenser using a plastic bottle: You can place appropriately sized treats inside the bottle and make suitable holes in the bottle cap. Then, put the bottle into a clean old sock.
Tennis Ball Treat Dispenser: Cut an opening on the tennis ball that allows for treats to be retrieved by the dog through biting, ensuring that the treats don’t fall out too easily.
Utilize the environment and equipment

If you have a Dog Treadmill For Large Dogs, you can try using a Dog Treadmill. A professional pet treadmill is crucial for pets lacking sufficient exercise, as it can lead to health issues such as obesity, low endurance, and sluggishness.It can help your dog or cat get enough exercise,Large Dog Treadmill aiding them in weight loss and maintaining good health. Once dogs are accustomed to it, it is very suitable for them to expend energy.If your dog has joint issues or is quite old, you can opt for a more gentle form of exercise.

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